R & R Reset & Restore

We move through life with our best intentions in mind!

Things that are "in and out of our control" sidetrack those good intentions:  STRESS/TRAFFIC/SCHEDULES/INJURY/SICKNESS/FAMILY/DEMANDS

R&R is designed and formatted to allow you an opportunity to “BE".  A "JUDGMENT FREE ZONE”,  a place where you can submit back into those good intentions.  Perhaps you find an area on your body that has been bothering you for awhile, hindering those good intentions. Let’s work to get back to those good intentions!

This class is designed for EVERYONE!   Are you: Someone that needs to take an hour away?  Someone that is just getting "back into" or "starting” a workout regime?  An athlete that never takes time to stretch after those weekly workouts?  Someone who is not really a yogi and certainly not into adding a hot room?

What we know about stretching:

When muscles are tight and inflexible, we limit blood flow (oxygen) and create short muscle fibers.  So what happens when we call on these muscles to “FIRE” (to golf, jog, run, bike, garden, bend, reach, twist and volley) when they are tight?  We risk joint pain, muscle strains and damage!  What happens when there is damage to the muscle?  We risk damaging the joints especially, knees, hips, shoulders, and elbows.

Take some time and stretch with me …  Take an hour to yourself (or bring a friend)

All props and materials provided.  Please wear attire that allows you to move comfortably through this one hour class.

Eric Tomlinson