Scott Staples



  • Barre

  • 1:1 private sessions or Group Instruction

We are all built differently! Strong in some areas, while less strong in others. Barre allows us to change our lives as we identify where our strength, misalignment and deficiencies exist. We move in small, static, and intentional ways. We work to exhaust isolated muscles, resetting when needed and come back stronger.

Muscle deficiencies happen from the work that we do, injuries that we have sustained and moving through a very fast-paced and demanding society...called life! From carrying those heavy handbags and computers, to physical activity whether it’s athletic training, biking, running or household chores and yard work. I have found that nothing has uncovered these deficiencies quicker than Barre. Yes...MEN...we should be taking Barre classes too!

My emphasis is to build a strong foundational practice with total mind/body awareness. Moving away from using large muscles is necessary in many areas of life. I encourage you to dig deep within your “perceived” limitations and activate even smaller muscles. Finding the shake and muscle fatigue will develop lean muscle mass, and the core engagement that is emphasized in Barre will move you positively in your everyday life. Begin with a Barre Basic Class and develop from there - soon you will be finding the activation quicker and advancing to fatigue in a whole new way. The Barre classes that I lead are challenging and yet approachable. My greatest joy is to see the shake happening and the determination on my clients’ faces. Barre is a gift that will give you longer, stronger and toned muscles. Barre never gets “easier” just gets “better”! Please join me in a class to submit to mind/body connection and shake for a while.

Eric Tomlinson